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Francofous' art

"…and his eyes are greeted by the most atrocious handwritten Romanian he’s seen in ages. Misshapen letters, forgotten accents, words spelled correctly only to have been crossed out and hastily scrawled in again, this time in error, all hallmarks of the beginner scribe.

Any fears he had have been banished by the sloppy penmanship, the efforts of a young boy who has finally taken to writing after so long.” (x)

from the most adorable fic by madredhattie because wow my heart just melted

Anonymous said: did you watch this movie with or without subtitles? (and if you did where did you find it?)

i’m afraid we didn’t find any subtitled versions, so we had to make do with watching the film without them, unfortunately.

((btw i’m currently in the middle of watching a film about mihai viteazul (michael the brave) and it DOES have english subtitles, if you’re interested, anon))

Drum bun, bravi români!

another round of sketches inspired by the film pentru patrie

okay so last night tumblr user ottomanliest and i watched this film from 1977 about the romanian war of independence called “Pentru Patrie” that she had come across on youtube

needless to say, the whole thing is a fucking goldmine for historical uniforms, references, inspiration - you name it

Prints, anyone??

hey guys! after much thought about getting an online store, i finally decided on søciety6 as the best fit for what i’ve got, so if anyone’s interested in grabbing prints of some of my art, i’ve started uploading stuff to my store so check it out! 

happy birthday dear mol!!!

they first go out because mircea talks gilbert into playing with a ouija board and ouija is totally fake and mircea’s just moving the dial and laughing because he’s SO CLEVER and the dial says “you two should go out” and gilbert buys it

- tumblr user roemenie

happy birthday kahl!! here’s some 80’s au prurom being losers for youuu!

and now for something completely different - balaur bondoc 

thanks to madredhattie​, i’ve fallen in love with this muscular little raptor from late cretaceous romania

Congrats to tumblr users takanobaka and funntprawbums for winning the giveaway!!!! I’ll send you guys each a message and you can tell me what you want~!

Thank you everyone for entering!! uwu


First of all, thank you everyone for your support! I’ve been planning to do one of these for a while, but I’ve since gone and surpassed nearly every follower milestone before I could get an event underway haha

You guys are the best!! Thank you again!!!! 

 PRIZES ❖ (2 character limit in the drawing!)

  1. FIRST PLACE: 1 full-color drawing, 1 sketch
  2. SECOND PLACE: 1 palette-color (x) drawing, 1 sketch


I’m kinda short on time here, so the GIVEAWAY BEGINS TODAY AUGUST 9th AND ENDS MONDAY AUGUST 11th AT 11:59 AM CST (GMT-5)

aph wallachia more like the janissaries’ worst nightmare

i bet he’s gonna put it in some unlucky janissary’s hat

this is one of my favorite sketches i’ve done of kid!ro, i’m still upset i can’t find the original…


madredhattie replied to your post: reasons aph romania should never be al…

you should absolutely livestream at some point I’m dying over here

ehehehe i think it would be so much fun, i just would have to be able to set aside a good chunk of time (in advance, probably?) which will be the tricky part ;v;