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for the owlsome psionicbird beakause it’s her birdthday!!!

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that is art Emma what are you talking about

no that is a promo doodle

søciety6: free international shipping!

i just got notified that søciety6 is promoting free worldwide shipping until september 14th but only if you click via a special promo link to artists’ profiles. if anyone’s interested, here’s mine C:image

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What did you use to prime the canvas/board/whatever? White paint, bottled primer, etc.? I’m doing a painting of a bat for part of my Art project and I’m thinking of using oils, yet I’ve never used them before. ; u ; Great work, by the way!!

ahh thank you!! oils are fantastic for blending colors and many other things, just make sure when you’re using solvent to thin out the paint that you use it sparingly after the first under coat b/c it can take away from the paint’s shiny finish! (also keep your work space well ventilated…)

and we used white gesso! the board we’re working on is plain matte board, nothing fancy (but it’s thick enough that it doesn’t warp or anything) and you gotta use a huge brush and make a very even, thin coating. make sure to completely cover the surface! then wash your brush off quickly so the gesso doesn’t harden in the bristles ;v;

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Emma are you real

actually i’m not - i’m just a figment of your imagination. i’m sorry you had to find out this way.

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It’s beautiful!

thank you!!! i put a lot of hours into it and i’m very pleased with it!!

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/w\ thank youuuuu!!

i finished this monochromatic oil painting of an osprey (for my intro to painting class) this afternoon and i’m very proud of it ;v;

We have our life and our honor! Wake up! We’ve been sleeping too long!

inspired by the film mihai viteazul (michael the brave) which everyone should totally check out because it has english subtitles and holy shit this guy was a badass

the long-awaited robul version of this comic by kate beaton

"…and his eyes are greeted by the most atrocious handwritten Romanian he’s seen in ages. Misshapen letters, forgotten accents, words spelled correctly only to have been crossed out and hastily scrawled in again, this time in error, all hallmarks of the beginner scribe.

Any fears he had have been banished by the sloppy penmanship, the efforts of a young boy who has finally taken to writing after so long.” (x)

from the most adorable fic by madredhattie because wow my heart just melted

Anonymous said: did you watch this movie with or without subtitles? (and if you did where did you find it?)

i’m afraid we didn’t find any subtitled versions, so we had to make do with watching the film without them, unfortunately.

((btw i’m currently in the middle of watching a film about mihai viteazul (michael the brave) and it DOES have english subtitles, if you’re interested, anon))

Drum bun, bravi români!

another round of sketches inspired by the film pentru patrie

okay so last night tumblr user ottomanliest and i watched this film from 1977 about the romanian war of independence called “Pentru Patrie” that she had come across on youtube

needless to say, the whole thing is a fucking goldmine for historical uniforms, references, inspiration - you name it