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Francofous' art

i’m not gonna give any context for this

2P!Britain in palette #4 for datblondeotaku!

blueeyedmonster11 said: Hello there, darling! This may be a tad out of the blue, but I just wanted you to know that I absolutely adore your art! It's absolutely amazing! Keep up the great work!

Ahhhhhhhh thank you so much!!! It really means a lot to me to hear that!!

plague doctor ro – yet another reminder that i really need to finish ac2….

kid!ro and a younger vlad iii (i ended up leaving radu out of this sketch, but he’ll be in the next one i promise!!)

still feeling some slight inspiration for kid!ro so i colored an old sketch~

Trees, oh trees
Do you remember me?
From before

And birds, oh birds
Can you recall my songs?
From before

Fire, oh fire
I can still feel your warmth
Like before (x)

a lot has changed in seven centuries…

Jade the Ottomanliest@All: idk man I saw Mol with a sword and I was like “what if Mol stabbed Ro or something in a really fucked up au where he has to kill Ro.”

The au takes place in a medieval setting, where Ro has been begun to dabble in dark magic. In his dabbling, he has somehow gotten himself mixed up with a nasty demon who takes possession of his body to go on murderous, vengeful rampages in the nearby villages. Mol has always been able to bring his monstrous brother to his senses, but the demon’s hold on Ro grows stronger by the day, until Mol’s worst nightmare is realized….

And so, yours truly found herself inspired to bring this “terrible au” to life in the wee hours of the morning…

under a read more because it’s…. rather gory ;w;”

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a bit of continuation of liet’s wolf adventures but this time with the carpathian bros, of course

Anonymous said: (If I remember properly, I'm the one who requested that Lithuania picture!) *high pitched shrieking!!!* Thank you so much it's absolutely great!

Ahhh you’re most welcome anon!!! I’m so glad you like it!!

this is like 10000x better why didn’t i think of this earlier

lithuania in palette #1 for anon!

a quick teenage!mol inspired by numberonetribble’s submission to me

bul in palette #7 for peaceandfail!